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EasyCut Cutting System

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The ProCut Section
The greatest damage to knives and guards is caused by bent sections. With ProCut sections, this is eliminated because the entire knife section is heat treated, not just the cutting edge as with conventional made sections. Therefore the section does not bend. All ProCut sections are secured with special serrated bolts. Self-locking nuts ensure a secure and durable joint. The cutouts in the center of the section, help clean out residue buildup and also reduces the weight of the knife. The sections are not chromed. They are painted and have a self sharpening effect. Chromed sections wear the guards faster and chrome plating is a very hazardous process.
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All Schumacher cutterbar knives are manufactured as sectional knives. The sickle bars can be transported easily and can be packed in 7-9 in. segments. The special joint knife allows the sectional knife to perform in the same way as a one piece knife and is as strong or stronger than the original.
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The guard is made out of high quality spring steel with an  extremely hard and wear resistant surface. Because the bottom and top of the guard are bolted to the cutterbar, the guards hardly ever bend and never have the top lip break off, a common problem of standard guards.
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The combination of the Schumacher guard and cutterbar knife create a cutting system which can be used for cutting almost everything in the world of forestry and agriculture. The design of the EasyCut guard eliminates hold down clamps, shims and all of the adjusting that goes with them.


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