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The Bubble-Up Auger is a good companion product for any make of combine hopper extensions. It will take the load and strain off of the combine's hopper fill system. The Bubble-Up Auger enables the user to put the "PEAK OF THE HEAP" where it's wanted and provides more complete filling of the combine's hopper extension.

The Bubble-Up Auger uses 8" diameter by 46" tall open flight auger that utilizes "Super Edge" helicoid for longer wear and a heavy duty hydraulic motor for years of trouble free power. The Bubble-Up Auger quickly folds down into the combine's hopper for storage.

The Bubble-Up Auger requires approximately 10GPM of oil at 1,500 PSI to operate. It will run approximately 300RPM Because it runs 100% full in operation it can handle large quantities of grain per hour, posing no problems with either 8 or 12 row corn heads.

The Bubble-Up Auger includes everything needed to install it in the combine hopper, except hoses, which are best measured and made up after installation of the Bubble-Up Auger is completed.

Normally, the Bubble-Up Auger connects directly into the reel drive outlets for corn head work or in a series with the reel drive motor for flex head work. When operated in this fashion, the Bubble-Up Auger will run full speed for corn; but markedly slower when doing flex head work. This happens because when the operator sets the speed of the reel for his harvest conditions ,the Bubble-Up Auger will receive less oil, resulting in a slower speed. Generally, because the bushels of crop that needed to be handled is less with flex head work, having the Bubble-Up Auger run slower is usually not a problem, but something to be aware of.

If it is desired that the Bubble-Up Auger run at full speed in all harvest applications, then it needs to be plumbed directly into the combine's reel drive circuit. Various kits are available that include all the fittings and valves are required.
BMI 100 Bubble-Up Auger $895.00
BMI 200 Hydraulic Kit For John Deere 20 Series $150.00
BMI 300 Hydraulic Kit For John Deere 9000 Series $175.00
BMI 400 Hydraulic Kit For IH/Case-IH Pre Mid 1995 $150.00
BMI 500 Hydraulic Kit For Case-IH Mid 1995-2000 $175.00
BMI 600 Hydraulic Kit For Case-IH New Style (01+) $175.00
BMI 700 Hydraulic Kit For New Holland TR 96/97/98 $175.00
BMI 900 Hydraulic Kit For Other Makes CALL


Completely Fill Your Grain Bin Extension

  • Reduces Grain Damage
  • Reduces Wear & Load On Combine Bin Fill System
  • Utilizes "Super Edge" Helicoid For Longer Wear
  • Large Trouble Free Orbit Motor For High Torque
  • Mounting Brackets Attach Quickly & Easily
  • Installs In Less Than One Hour
  • Quickly Folds Down Lower Than The Cab
  • Includes A One Year Warranty

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